Professional cycling has seen an explosion of statistical content in recent years. We can follow the top professionals on Strava, track GPS data in the most important races, and find what riders have the best historical times on climbs like Alpe d’Huez or Mortirolo.

As a professional working in the sports analytics industry, what I see missing is careful analytical work to provide context to all of that data. The data revolution has already impacted other professional sports like baseball, basketball, and tennis – engaging the public with smarter conversations and more predictive content. This site is designed to fill that niche.

I’ll be producing data-driven content to answer questions like who is likely to win today’s Tour de France stage, how much does form carry-over in sprinting vs climbing, what’s the toughest monument, or how much does Grand Tour form matter?

Ahead of the Tour de France I’ll be posting introductory pieces to ‘show my work’. During the Tour, more of the content will be focused around key stages and opportunistic stories that arise. Post-Tour, there will be time for deeper analysis that digs into some of these new data sources.

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